Chris Inkster

2019 Recipient – President, Freeport Industries Ltd.

Freeport’s safety journey began with a major injury in 2015.

“We had to lay it all out on the table, and that meant getting in front of the person who was injured, getting in front of their mom,” said Chris Inkster.

Since then, he has been implementing monthly town halls where he talks about safety stats but also puts a family feel on the conversation.

“I wanted them to know that the decisions we make as a group have consequences. We have to believe that all accidents are preventable.”

Barry Marsden

Finalist – Chairman & CEO, Conair Group

“You can’t push safety down, safety has to be grown in the business and we have to work as a team,” said Barry Marsden.

Conair has just introduced a new level D flight simulator. “You can take people right to the edge of where they don’t want to be and let them experience that.”

The company has also done a fatigue management study over the past three years with several universities to try and understand what helps build fatigue and how they can best manage it, especially with heavy forest fire seasons.

Perry McDougall

Finalist – President, Goodwin Industrial Electric

“We off about four/five years started off thinking that we were doing everything perfect and thought we didn’t have any safety accidents, there was a cut here or some dust in the eye and we were doing really good and then we had a serious accident,” said Perry McDougall.

“We had a young guy that we had a serious arc flash and he got badly burnt. It was a huge wake up call for us. I see that picture of him with his hands wrapped in gauze and his face burnt, I see that every day,” said McDougall.

Goodwin has totally revamped their safety procedures to ensure they get everyone home safe at the end of the day.