62% of Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC members say workplace safety is improving

According to a survey done by WorkSafeBC, 3 out of 5 manufacturing company’s feel that workplace safety is improving in their industry. The survey, conducted in February of 2016, was sent to 1,623 member companies of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and resulted in 192 completed surveys. The largest audience represented in the results were small employers, making up 71% of the 192 responses. Of those who were aware of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, 98% were satisfied or had a neutral position on the organization’s performance on promoting health and safety.

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is a not-for-profit health and safety association with the goal of reducing the injury rates in the manufacturing sector and transforming the culture of organizations with an emphasis on making safety a business priority.

Other survey questions covered topics including the general perceptions around safety in the Food Processing and Manufacturing industry, the awareness of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC among manufacturers and their satisfaction with the services provided.

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s most preferred resources, as determined by the survey, are occupational health & safety (OHS) resources such as booklets, videos and manuals. Members also appreciate and find value in receiving OHS news, regulatory changes and other industry relevant updates from the organization. Although a less common form of engagement for their members, 8 out of 10 companies who received an in-person visit from a safety advisor stated their needs were met by the service.

In addition to manual resources being the most utilized out of all the available options, members reported that resources like booklets, videos and manuals was their top choice for what they needed out of their health and safety association. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, in response to the needs of its members, has produced new resources including the MSI Prevention Guidebook, 5-Phases of OSSE guide and has expanded its online learning centre to include a free resources section available to all members.

Second in priority for Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC members is training. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC has responded to these needs with an expanded course offering, including courses on confined space awareness, workplace inspections and combustible dust. These courses complement the existing offering bringing the total number of in-person and online training courses offered by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC to 9.

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC continues to strive to meet the needs of its members and is in a position to adapt to the changing needs of their membership. New strategies to provide members with maximum impact, including the small employer engagement program launched in 2016, offers a blended approach to building an occupational health and safety program through advisor visits, training in-person and online and access to the SPS (Safety Support System) program to fast-track a company to a safer workplace.

Quality assurance is a key priority of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. Members who have engaged with the organization through an advisor, training or an event are given opportunities to provide feedback that will be used to further shape the resources and engagement strategies of the organization.

For more information on the results of the Sentis research survey on the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, go to https://safetyalliancebc.ca/about/board-governance/research-and-reviews/.