Transportation Initiative Committee

The Transportation Initiative task group Committee (referred to as the “TIC” in this document) members are appointed by the executive management teams at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and Canadian Materials Handling and Distribution Society (CMHDS). The TIC is composed of a minimum of 6 individuals representing employers with relevant material handling areas, CMHDS members and Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s staff. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC will provide the recording secretary. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC also invites WorkSafeBC personnel to attend on invitation. Every effort will be made to include a broad spectrum of industry representatives to obtain effective input. The TIC Chair and Vice- Chair are appointed by Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s CEO in collaboration with the CMHDS President.


The TIC makes decisions through consensus where everyone must agree on the decision at hand for a recommendation from the TIC to proceed. Recommendations will be made to senior management at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. When consensus is unable to be achieved, the proposed decision is investigated further until a decision is obtained. Where consensus is not obtained following exploration, the matter is brought forward to the executive management teams at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC for decision.

The TIC members serve a 2 year staggered term. The Director of Research, Programs and Development evaluates the function of the TIC and provides recommendations to the executive management teams of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC regarding reappointment of members.


The purpose of the TIC is to assist the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in achieving the objectives of the transportation strategy (as approved by the Board September 2013) that include the LOADING DOCK INJURY REDUCTION STRATEGY and the MOTOR VEHICLE INJURY REDUCTION STRATEGY. The TIC will provide feedback on the related tasks associated with the strategy.

The tasks will change each year with progression towards the end goals.

The strategy will be reviewed annually by the committee with recommendations provided for consideration of the Board for inclusion within the subsequent year Business Plan.

In 2014 the Transportation goals include:

  • Statistical and causation analysis to identify the specific hazards causing loss at the loading dock, Material Handling positions and MVIs occurring in the manufacturing industry.
  • Developing standard operating procedures for identified positions and tasks within the loading dock.
  • Developing a general MSI program template that includes hazard identification, control, and training and management applications for the manufacturing industry.
  • Identifying and conducting focus groups to review the MSI program template and applications and assess feedback.
  • Developing a grey fleet program template for the manufacturing industry.

TIC Members

TIC individuals will have the following attributes:

  • The ability to work with a cooperative group and focus on related safety topics. Political, labor relations, and other common place issues that normally infiltrate meetings are left at the door and the TIC’s focus is pure task focused.
  • The ability to attend the meetings on a quarterly basis, or if not able to attend due to another pressing issue, make a commitment to review the minutes of the meeting with the Chair. TIC members are expected to commit to attend at least 66% of the meetings held per year.
  • The ability to review all material before each meeting, as required and provides input to facilitate the process.
    TIC members will have functional experience/knowledge related to transportation tasks with specific reference to operational logistics and health and safety.


Meetings are designed to bring together the participating parties and collectively assist the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in collaboration CMHDS in the development and review of the initiative tasks and strategy goals. This includes review of resources, tools or processes developed to support the industry in reducing the injuries in these areas.

The TIC will conduct face-to-face meetings on quarterly basis or more frequently as required. The date and time of the meetings are determined by the TIC Chair.

TIC members will serve without remuneration, but will be reimbursed for appropriate travel expenses incurred in performing their duties, according to Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s expense guidelines.

A summary record of each meeting will be prepared by the staff as soon as possible and communicated to all associations through their representatives on the standing TIC.
The TIC has the liberty to invite relevant personnel to the meetings to support progression of the strategy.

In addition the committee reserves the option to strike additional focus groups to engage participation in the products, resources, tools or programs produced to provide feedback and contribute to the building of best practices and solutions for the initiative objectives.

The Technical Advisory TIC Governance

The TIC is provided advisory and facilitation services through Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s Director of Research Programs and Development who reports to the CEO.
The TIC is steered by the TIC Chairperson. Its reporting responsibility is to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC with a dotted line to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC Board.

It is expected that the CEO in collaboration with the CMHDS provide advice and guidance to the TIC at any time on all matters pertaining to the TIC and its related tasks.

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MSABC evaluates candidates based on the knowledge, skills and experience that they bring to the Board. In our commitment to reflecting community diversity on our Board, we encourage applicants from equity-deserving groups to apply (including Indigenous persons, people of colour, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations, gender identities, and others.


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