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Celebrate with us at the 2021 Safety Pinnacle Awards

The annual Pinnacle Awards Gala recognizes manufacturing and food processing companies for excellence in workplace health and safety. With limits on social gatherings, we’re designing a very special 2021 Pinnacle Awards to celebrate health and safety excellence with a wider audience online.

Join the watch party for the live premiere of a new documentary highlighting the amazing work our award nominees and recipients have continued to do to maintain our essential supply chain throughout this pandemic year. Then stay tuned to find out who the 2021 recipients are in a condensed awards program!

Safety Pinnacle Award Criteria

Starting with the Topaz award and graduating to the Diamond, each award is measured with criteria that demonstrates the commitment of the recipients’ leadership to the safety and well-being of their workers. We gather annually to celebrate the success of companies who have achieved excellence in safety at the Pinnacle Awards Gala.


Topaz Award

Safety Pinnacle Topaz Award

This award is granted to companies who have successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive health & safety management system to OSSE (Occupational Safety Standard Excellence) certification standards.

A continuing annual commitment is required for the Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond award levels in the Pinnacle series. 

For the same reasons that leadership commitment is a required element of the OSSE / COR certification audit, we recognize the critical role of the senior leader in building a healthy and sustainable business culture—where employees sees that the company values the health, wellness, and safety of everyone on the team. Without this leadership example, we have watched companies’ health and safety initiatives stall, injuries increase, and company culture suffer. As a result, eligibility for the Sapphire level and beyond of the Pinnacle Awards requires a clear demonstration of ongoing leadership commitment to workplace health and safety.

Traditionally, OSSE-certified companies have demonstrated this commitment by signing the BC Safety Charter. Recognizing the shift of responsibility for the BC Safety Charter from our organization to the new Executive Health & Safety Council of BC, the eligibility requirement for the Sapphire Award (and following awards in the series) are changing.

  • OSSE-certified companies that signed the BC Safety Charter before April 1, 2021 will still be eligible for the Sapphire and following awards this year. 
  • Alternatively, companies may opt to demonstrate leadership commitment using the new criteria for the 2021 awards. 
  • For the 2022 awards, the new criteria will apply to all potential award recipients.

New eligibility criteria:

The senior executive in the organization must commit to investing in training, advocacy, leadership, and mentorship activities to earn development points each year. The annual eligibility requirement is 24 points, tracked from April 1 to March 31 of the qualifying year, earned through any combination of the following means: 

  • Signing of the BC Safety Charter and membership in the Executive Health & Safety Council of BC  | 5 points 
  • Continuing Education Training on leadership or health and safety-related topics (formal training, conferences, webinars, forum events) | 1 hour = 1 point 
  • Advocacy and Leadership Speaking or presenting as part of a panel on leadership or health and safety topics, including preparation time | 1 hour = 2 points 
  • Mentorship in leadership and health and safety  | 1 hour = 2 points 

Points must be reported to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC by email before April 1 annually to be eligible for the following Pinnacle Awards.


Sapphire Award

Safety Pinnacle Sapphire Award

Element A of the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence or COR audit requires that company owners/executives demonstrate commitment to workplace health and safety. But we know that an effective long-term health and safety performance requires an ongoing commitment to health and safety continuous improvement at the owner/executive level. 

The Sapphire Award recognizes an organization for continuing leadership commitment to workplace health and safety excellence. 

Emerald Award

Safety Pinnacle Emerald Award

This award is granted to companies maintaining their OSSE Certification;  continuing leadership commitment to workplace health and safety excellence, as demonstrated by ongoing CEO/President or Owner/Operator professional development and continuous improvement; and reducing their Injury Rate below their average Classification Unit (CU) over a 3 year period.

Ruby Award

Safety Pinnacle Ruby Award

This award is for companies continuing to meet the criteria for the Emerald Award while demonstrating the ability to improve their Experience Rating by 10% over a period of 3 years post OSSE Certification.

Diamond Award

Safety Pinnacle Diamond Award

This award is for companies maintaining their eligibility for the Ruby Award while demonstrating new ideas or initiatives to improve health and safety systems/programs.  They must also have an Injury Rate among the lowest 10% in their Classification Unit and score a minimum of 80% on a Safety Culture Survey conducted by the Alliance and administered through the Alliance Special Awards Committee

2020 Safety Pinnacle Awards Gala

2020 Safety Pinnacle Topaz Award Recipients

2020 Safety Pinnacle Sapphire Award Recipients

2020 Safety Pinnacle Emerald Award Recipients

2020 Safety Pinnacle Ruby Award Recipients