2021 | Celebrating Excellence in an Exceptional Year

2021 Safety Pinnacle Awards

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The Safety Pinnacle Awards recognize manufacturing and food processing companies for excellence in workplace health and safety. 

This year’s live-online Awards program honoured BC manufacturing companies and leaders for achieving key milestones in the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence journey with the 2021 Safety Pinnacle Awards. This interactive, virtual event also unveiled the 2021 winners of the Safety Excellence Awards and the prestigious Ben Hume Leadership Award.

Originally broadcast on Thursday October 7, 2021.  Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate outstanding accomplishments in health and safety!

Congratulations to our 2021 Safety Pinnacle Award Recipients

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Featuring the Safety Excellence Awards & Premiere of Unseen Heroes

Safety Excellence Awards

Safety Excellence Awards

The Safety Excellence Awards recognize BC manufacturers for innovation and excellence in manufacturing safety. Meet the 2021 nominees and recipients and see inside their businesses in the documentary.

Nominee Categories:

  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Excellence Award
  • Small Business People First Award
  • Manufacturing Safety Innovator Award
  • Fantastic Four Risk Control Leader Award

Featuring the Documentary Premiere

In the face of the pandemic, manufacturing never stopped.

A 35-minute feature documentary, Unseen Heroes premieres at the Pinnacle Awards on October 7. Dedicated to (and starring) the 2021 award nominees and recipients, this new film shines a light on the impact of the pandemic on B.C.’s manufacturing and food processing sectors.

Hear the front-line experiences of the other essential workers and leaders in a sector that never shut down. 

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary work of this vital sector, ramping up production in a high-risk environment to maintain our essential supply chain and keep workers healthy and safe.

Congratulations to the 2021 Ben Hume Leadership Award Recipient

Brian Wall, CEO, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing.

Awarded at the Safety Pinnacle Awards each year, this award recognizes a BC Safety Charter member who demonstrates exemplary leadership, as judged by their peers to have demonstrated the ability to inspire both their management team and workforce to ever higher safety standards and to be an advocate for maintaining a culture of safety.

2021 Safety Pinnacle Awards Virtual Viewing Party

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2020 Safety Pinnacle Awards Gala

2020 Safety Pinnacle Topaz Award Recipients

Safety Pinnacle Awards Criteria

Starting with the Topaz award and graduating to the Diamond, each Safety Pinnacle award is awarded based on criteria that demonstrates the organization’s achievements in protecting the safety and well-being of their employees.