Effective 2022, to qualify for the Sapphire Pinnacle Award and maintain eligibility for subsequent levels, the senior executive in the organization must demonstrate a commitment to health and safety by participating in a mix of related training, advocacy, leadership, and mentorship activities to earn development points each year. 

The annual eligibility requirement is 24 points, tracked from April 1 to March 31 of the qualifying year, earned through any combination of the following means. Please use this form to record eligible activities and submit it by April 1 each year.

This process will be required for 2022 award eligibility, but 2021 and prior Topaz Award recipients may also choose to use this new method to qualify for a 2021 Sapphire Award.

Continuing Education
Training on leadership or health and safety-related topics (professional development courses, Make It Safe or other conferences, webinars, forum events)
1 hour = 1 point
Advocacy and Leadership
Speaking or presenting as part of a panel on leadership or health and safety topics, including preparation time
1 hour = 2 points
Mentorship in leadership and health and safety
1 hour = 2 points
Advisory Service
Served as a director or representative on a health and safety board or committee
5 points
BC Safety Charter Commitment
Signed the BC Safety Charter and maintained active membership in the Executive Health & Safety Council of BC
5 points