Effective 2022, to qualify for the Sapphire Pinnacle Award and maintain eligibility for subsequent levels, the owner or senior executive in the organization or BC location(s) must demonstrate a commitment to health and safety by participating in a mix of related training, advocacy, leadership, and mentorship activities to earn development points each year. 

The annual eligibility requirement is 14 points, tracked from January to December of the qualifying year, earned through any combination of the following activities. Please use this form to record eligible activities and submit it by February 15 each year.

Continuing Education
Training on leadership or health and safety-related topics (professional development courses, Make It Safe or other conferences, webinars, peer groups, forum events)
1 hour = 1 point
Advocacy and Leadership
Speaking or presenting as part of a panel on leadership or health and safety topics, including preparation time
1 hour = 2 points
Mentorship in leadership and health and safety
1 hour = 2 points
Advisory Service
Served as a director or representative on a health and safety board or committee
5 points
BC Safety Charter Commitment
Signed the BC Safety Charter and maintained active membership in the Executive Health & Safety Council of BC
5 points