Ulrika Merrick


Ulrika Merrick is a safety professional with over 16 years’ experience in health, safety and disability management.

Ulrika is a Regional Health and Safety Advisor in the Heavy Duty Equipment sector and prior experience had her working in various meat manufacturing process / slaughter plants and brings with her a broad understanding of the day –to –day operations and unique challenges that face companies in the health and safety field. Ulrika has been involved in areas such as Claims Management, Return to Work, Human Resources, and Safety and has a personal passion in workplace health and safety. Ulrika has gained her Occupation Health and safety Education from BCIT, earned a Diploma in Integrated Disability Management at the University of Fredericton, holds a certificate in Critical Stress Management from the Justice Institute of BC.

Ulrika currently holds a leadership position with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers; she has over 16 years of volunteer experience with the City of Surrey and the City of Maple Ridge in Emergency Services. Ulrika is committed to promoting health and safety and has a passion to help others succeed.