BCIT OHS Students Available for Summer Work

An enthusiastic group of 1st year students from the BCIT OHS Diploma is ready and willing to take on summer work for you!

Are you able to provide this all important work for a student?

Benefits of providing OHS-related summer work for a BCIT student are:

  • You get a well educated and trained student that can carry out some very high level work for you.
  • Students that do OHS-related work in the summer between their 1st and 2nd years make better OHS professionals coming into the field.
  • Because you will have given them their first big break in OHS they will be your BFF.

These students are not looking to make huge money. They are looking for a reasonable wage and the opportunity to develop their OHS field skills.
If you are able to help out then contact Rob Miller directly at robert_miller@bcit.ca or 604-451-7118.

Rob Miller, Dip. T., M.Ed., CRSP
Diploma Program Head
Occupational Health and Safety Program
Phone: 604-451-7118
Email: robert_miller@bcit.ca


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