Celebrating Safety Excellence

Every day, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance team supports BC manufacturers with health and safety education and advice—onsite or online—to help make our industry a better place to work. What motivates us is the impact you have made by transforming education into safety programs and systems that become a way of life: benefiting your workers, business, and brand.

Injury rates are trending down across the manufacturing sector. With time-loss injuries down 8.47% from 2015 to 2017 at non-member companies, more BC workers are going home safe at the end of each shift, but there is more work to do. At companies working with the Alliance, the improvement is even greater, with 23.79% fewer timeloss injuries.With a healthier, more sustainable workforce, Alliance member companies are better positioned to attract and retain talent and compete in a global market. In this edition, we look at the work our members are doing to drive that positive trend.

We highlight innovative strategies at four OSSE-certified companies pursuing safety excellence and working to build sustainable, world class manufacturing operations.

At Soprema, we see the benefits of inclusivity in a safety ambassador program that has engaged the entire production staff and changed the culture, as well as an innovative Kaizen blitz approach to continuous improvement in safety.

We learn how the tragedy of a workplace fatality launched Dinoflex on an OSSE journey to align their safety program “relentlessly” with their core value of “Safety Above All.”

We discover how alignment with the Gardein’s core value of putting people and the environment first motivated the pursuit of safety excellence, empowering staff to stop the line and refuse unsafe work and rewarding safe behaviour through an engaging safety lottery program.

At TYCROP, we see how listening and rewarding employee suggestions has changed the company culture, creating open environment for conversation around safety.Inspired by examples like these across BC, safety excellence and innovation are top of mind for our team as we prepare to celebrate success with you.

Join us on April 24th, 2019 at the Terminal City Club as we will roll out the red carpet to honour the outstanding achievements of BC’s leading manufacturers and food processors, suppliers, and business media.

2019 Safety Pinnacle Awards Gala

April 24th, 2019
Terminal City Club
837 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC


Business in Vancouver 2018 Forty under 40 winner Steve Rio, CEO and Founder of Briteweb and Nature of Work, will be speaking about the the impact of safety and wellness on employee resilience, performance and business success.

Meet the winners of the new Safety Innovator and JHSC Excellence Awards, and the 2019 winner of the prestigious Ben Hume Leadership Award.


  • Chris Inkster, President Freeport Industries
  • Barry Marsden, Chairman and CEO Conair Aerial Firefighting
  • Perry McDougall, President Goodwin Electric

Help build a brighter future in Occupational Health and Safety. Join us in welcoming the first winner of the new Daneen Skilling Scholarship as one young student takes the first steps towards a career in OHS.