Critical Incident Response Training

Diversified Rehabilitation Group has partnered with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC to deliver a Critical Incidence Response Training Course.

The Critical Incidence Response Training course is designed to teach individuals how to respond and help employees after a critical incident to reduce the harmful effects of distress and trauma. This course provides the skills and information necessary to demobilize, defuse, and/or debrief after a traumatic event.

Upon successful completion of the course material individuals will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Diversified Rehabilitation Group. The certificate is valid for 12 months.

Goals and Objectives
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Critical Incident Response Management (CIRM) Team
  • Recognize and help people who display signs of psychological distress following a traumatic event
  • Follow the steps of a critical response intervention.
  • Stress and Traumatic Stress;
  • Individual Differences and Risk Factors;
  • Pre-Incident Preparedness;
  • Stress Management;
  • Basic Intervention Skills;
  • Active / Reflective Listening;
  • Roles of the Critical Incident Response Management (CIRM) Team;
  • Demobilization;
  • Stages of Defusing;
  • Seven Stages of  Critical Incident Response Debriefing (CIRD);
  • Possible Disruptions;
  • Troubled Individuals.

This course is designed for Employees, Occupational Health and Safety Advisors, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources Practitioners, First Aid Attendants, and Return-to-Work Professionals of small to large employers.

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