Creating Safer Workplaces: Innovative Products to keep Workers Safe

Personal protective equipment can be purchased from thousands of retailers online, but a careful health and safety team makes sure that the PPE used on the shop floor meet the rigorous Canadian standards. The advice you get from your safety retailer, particularly when looking for specialized equipment, can be just as valuable as getting the right gear.

With a history of providing innovative safety products going back to 1889, and a strong relationship with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, Acklands- Grainger continues to be a leader in the Canadian market.

The Alliance and Acklands-Grainger have been working together since the Alliance was formed in 2007. Acklands-Grainger has been a strong supporter and sponsor of the BC Safety Charter since 2012 and has worked closely with the Alliance on other safety initiatives across BC.

“We see a 100% alignment with Acklands-Grainger and the Alliance in our commitment to keep people safe at work. It’s a mission of both organizations,” says Ken Chamberlin, VP Commercial Sales for Acklands-Grainger.

“We strive to go beyond products. We have the breadth and depth of experience both in the manufacturing industry and in the Canadian regulatory sector to become a partner with clients in their safety needs. This is unprecedented in the Canadian marketplace ”

In addition to its work with BC’s manufacturing clients, Acklands-Grainger has thousands of customers in every Canadian industry, including manufacturing, greenhouse operations, diamond mining, wineries, and food processing.

To support customers, no matter what their industry, Acklands-Grainger has a national team of safety specialists made up of long-time employees with a strong background in safety and industry. These safety specialists are often factory-trained in the specific products they advise on and get hands-on knowledge of how each device works so they can give customers the most up-to-date information and quickly troubleshoot problems.

Acklands-Grainger’s robust online platform allows clients to work with their rep to create specialized catalogues for their company providing digital adherence to specific safety programs. For example, a company can choose to only list PPE that is approved for purchase. This eliminates employees accidentally choosing incorrect or non-compliant products.

To make sure the best products make it to market, Acklands-Grainger takes an active role working with major vendors including 3M, Honeywell, Bob Dale, and Kimberly Clark. “We are one of their biggest distributor and give them insight into the Canadian market and customer. It allows us to bring better products that meet our customers’ needs,” says Ken.