Tragedy at Dynoflex sparked a change in the company's approach to safety

Safety Above All. A tragedy at Dinoflex sparked a change in the company’s approach to safety

In every company, different factors can motivate the journey to safety excellence.For Dinoflex, the turning point was a workplace fatality. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dinoflex Group, and CEO Mark Bunz reflects on how safety became the most important core value of their business.

“In August 2013, disaster struck as one of our employees was killed on the job, and that day changed Dinoflex forever,” Bunz says.

Bunz knew at that point that something needed to change. The safety practices that had served the company for 25 years needed retooling. That’s when Dinoflex turned to the Manufacturers Safety Alliance of BC. Shortly thereafter, their OSSE journey began. Bunz notes,

The Alliance began to make an impact almost immediately by painting a picture of the OSSE journey and conducting the initial inspection of Dinoflex’s safety program.

This inspection and gap analysis provided a clear roadmap for their journey. Together, Dinoflex and the Alliance prioritized the company’s needs. The Alliance provided general and specialized training, insight, and expertise to help them close the gaps in a manner that fit the pace of their business.

“Dinoflex Group has a multi-faceted culture,” Bunz says, “and we have 4 core values that guide the success of our business on a daily basis: Customer Intimacy, Business Innovation, Extreme Ownership, but first and most important is ‘Safety Above All.’”

“We positioned Safety Above All at the top because of our history, because of the present, and because of our future,” Bunz says.

Dinoflex was founded by Sabine Presch, backed by her father Peter Presch, an early pioneer of polyurethane chemistry in Germany. Sabine operated the business for 20 years, primarily focused on producing high quality flooring for the sport and fitness industry. This was a precursor to today’s complete offering of sport, fitness, commercial, and retail recycled rubber surfacing products for both interior and exterior.

Presch sold the business in 2008 to Vancouver-based Pender West Capital Partners, who continue to invest in the growth of Dinoflex Group today. A $3.5 million expansion and upgrade this year will increase capacity and efficiencies to ensure that Dinoflex and the Group’s polyurethane blending business, International Polyurethane Solutions, remain competitive in their respective markets.

At Dinoflex, Bunz comments that a big part of a safety culture is the entire team taking ownership, not just for themselves but because they also know it is their responsibility not to let any of their co-workers do their work in an unsafe manner. “At the end of January, we achieved 1,720 safe work days without a time-loss incident, far exceeding any record in the 30-year history of the company,” says Bunz.

“That is a testament to our culture, our employees, our leadership, and our passion for continuous improvement within our safety program. We will continue to be relentless in our pursuit of safety excellence as we are guided by our first and most important core value, ‘Safety Above All.’”