ePACT Network – Supporting Your Culture Of Safety

‘Safety first’ is a motto which gets tossed around a lot. But how do we ensure it is really the case for our company and our employees? We’d like to introduce you to ePACT, an online network that supports you and your team through all of life’s emergencies.

Today, most companies store the personal and emergency contact information for their employees in HR systems, spreadsheets or paper forms. One of the problems with this approach is that during an emergency at the office, plant or in the field, this critical information cannot be immediately accessed or used when it is needed most.

ePACT brings these static records to life with anytime-anywhere access to information and communications on your mobile device.

ePACT is a single solution to manage all of your safety and emergency preparedness needs in the following ways:

  • The system goes beyond mass notifications, so you can instantly communicate with your employees, their families and the public via text, email, voice and app
  • In a natural disaster, ePACT provides a way for your employees to communicate with their loved ones, even if phone lines are down
  • In addition, ePACT ensures the most effective response to a crisis, as authorized team members can access up-to-date and accurate emergency information for your staff

ePACT ensures your company’s commitment to safety is followed from senior management to the front lines.

Take a look at ePACT’s guides and resources to further support your company’s safety initiatives at epactnetwork.com/us/at-work. Contact Graham at graham@epactnetwork.com or 604-816-9106 to set-up a free demo of ePACT.