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What is the purpose of consultation?

From WSBC. Under the Ergonomics (MSI) Requirements, workers must be consulted in the musculoskeletal injury (MSI) prevention process. The purpose of consultation is to obtain feedback from the workforce. The model of consultation used will depend on the size and complexity of the employer.

Some larger employers have found it most effective to develop a facility-wide framework for MSI-risk management, while encouraging effective local decision making to resolve MSI issues as they arise.

Experience shows that workers who perform the job are the best source of information for identifying, assessing, and effectively controlling the risk of MSI. When workers are involved in the MSI-prevention process, they can often provide insight into the risks associated with their work — and they often have good ideas about effective risk controls.

Consultation also provides a forum for involving the workforce in decision making that affects their work activities. This encourages workers to engage with the process, making the MSI-reduction strategy more likely to succeed. The WorkSafeBC publication Preventing Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI): A Guide for Employers and Joint Committees (PDF 1.6 MB) is available to assist you.