Introducing the Small Employer Program Building Webinar Series

Build a world class safety program with an eleven part Small Employer Webinar Series.

by Dale Johnson – The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC has launched a series of interactive webinars to guide small employers (1-19 full-time employees) through all of the important steps of building an occupational health and safety program. The Small Employer Program Building webinar series has been designed to help employers who lack the time, resources or know-how to develop a formal safety program by guiding them through each required safety program element.

The webinar experience fits the needs of our members by allowing them to participate online from their workplace while still allowing them the ability to ask questions, seek guidance from their peers and interact with the learning objectives. If participants are unable to watch the live presentation or would like to revisit any topics they can access all historical sessions through our online learning centre.

Register Today if you are a small employer in the manufacturing sector and you want to improve the safe working conditions for your employees and reduce the likelihood of a costly claim. For more information about the webinar series, visit

Did you know?
The injury rate among small manufacturers is almost 80% higher than the provincial average and the serious injury rate is double the provincial average.