Leading With Safety

By Lisa McGuire – By demonstrating a commitment to safety education from the first day of a new worker’s orientation, we set the stage for a sustainable safety culture.  

That is a lesson we have learned firsthand at the Alliance, as an important step in our own OSSE journey was to build effective safety training and best practices into the orientation of every new employee, regardless of role. 

For our OSSE-certified members, integrated safety orientation is common practice. Manufacturing staff learn their safety rights and responsibilities upfront, from the first day on the job. It is a practice that underscores the value of staff safety in the organization, instilling a safety mindset that becomes part of the team culture and the organization’s DNA. 

In this issue, we share examples from Alliance member companies in different industries. You will discover employer resources available from the Immigrant Employment Council of BC, and learn about the Alliance’s involvement with the Mission Community Skills Centre, providing safety education as a core element of vocational skills training for future manufacturing workers.  

Safety is a marketable skill, and a commitment to worker safety is an attractive and marketable quality in an industry increasingly challenged to recruit and retain qualified team members. Many of our members tell us that their organization’s safety culture has had a measurable impact on their ability to attract and retain workers.  

Through training partnerships such as the Community Skills Centre initiative and Catalyst frontline leader training, the Alliance is actively working to raise awareness of the manufacturing industry’s commitment to safety. Through training, we are laying important groundwork with our members’ safety leaders and future workers.  

Together with our members, we are working to transform the workplace culture through safety education that begins from the first day of a worker’s employment.