About the Project

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, in partnership with key stakeholders, is comprehensive strategy to support the creation of healthy, safe, and productive workplaces that value both the physical and mental health of workers. 

The strategy, developed in partnership with industry, mental health associations, academia, government, labour, and other subject matter experts, strives to support manufacturing sector organizations with resources and guidance to integrate psychological health and safety into the way business is done. 

Mental Health Strategy

Manufacturing leaders across BC recognize that their post-Covid economic recovery and continued growth depend on effective workplace mental health programs. Specific programs to support employee wellness and mental health are increasingly becoming a critical factor in successful recruitment, retention, accommodation, and return-to-work programs—a consideration even more important in an extremely competitive and shrinking labour market. Flexible, comprehensive mental health and wellness programs are increasingly a necessity for manufacturers to compete. 

Employers are faced with mounting legal pressures to provide and maintain a psychologically safe workplace, defined most simply as one in which every practical effort is made to avoid reasonably foreseeable injury to the mental health of employees.  

Employers who have not begun to develop programs to support psychological health and safety at work would do well to consider the fiscal, legal, and reputational cost of doing nothing. Increasingly, they are looking for help in understanding the business case for establishing inclusive programs and recognizing legal precedents to stay ahead of the growing demand and potential risk. 

Demand is at an all-time high for resources and technical guidance on measures to keep workplaces psychologically safe and healthy. Stakeholders in our design of a Mental Health Strategy includes participants from industry, mental health associations, academia, government, labour, and other subject matter areas. This advisory group is providing the diverse perspectives and experience necessary to develop an effective and sustainable approach. This project will result in a strategy that incorporates system-wide, practical mechanisms to enable and promote wide adoption of the programs, tools, resources, and training the Alliance develops to support manufacturers.