Emergency preparedness

Your emergency response plan is your company’s plan of action during an emergency. It specifies how you will prepare for and respond to a potential emergency.

During an emergency, you do not want to be impacted by a disorganized response, poor decision-making, confused and vulnerable workers, or a lack of control. If you're not prepared to deal with an emergency, the situation could result in serious injuries, financial and business losses, and even lost lives.

An emergency response plan should include:

  • Roles and responsibilities during an emergency
  • Identification of possible emergencies with an assessment of their risk
  • The process to notify appropriate authorities and neighbouring businesses
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Evacuation and re-entry procedures
  • Staff emergency response training plane
  • Drills and documentation
  • The review process for the plan

Legal requirements

Your emergency response plan is not only an essential part of your occupational health and safety plan, but it is also a legal requirement with the following legislation:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 13-4.18 – Emergency preparedness and response
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 97-5.102 – Emergency procedures
  • BC Fire Code section 2.8 -Emergency planning

Implementing your emergency response plan

An emergency response plan is a team effort. Those involved should have a good understanding of company operations and an awareness of the potential emergencies that could occur at your workplace.

Emergency response training

To learn how to develop an emergency response plan using helpful templates and forms, take our Emergency Response Planning training.