Your occupational health and safety program

An occupational health and safety program – also known as an OHS program – is a way to help you manage your health and safety needs in the workplace to prevent worker injury and illness, damage to your facilities and adjacent properties, and the environment.

Owner/operators, workers, and contractors working at your site are responsible for their health and safety and the health and safety of each other at your place of work.

Why have an OHS program?

When an accident or incident occurs that results in injury or illness to your workers or damage to your property it can have a significant impact on your business. Incidents can increase your financial liability and insurance premiums substantially.

Injury, illness, and property damage incidents cost you time and money for investigations, production downtime, equipment replacement, worker overtime, and worker training or re-training.

Additionally, the human cost of injury or illness is significant. Workplace injuries and illness profoundly impact workers and their families and can have long-lasting implications.

Elements of a health and safety program

An effective health and safety program must include: