New Directors Elected At AGM April 29

The FIOSA-MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC held its annual general meeting Wednesday, April 29, at the Burnaby Delta Hotel and Conference Centre.

FIOSA-MIOSA Board chair led the meeting and discusssed some of the initiatives undertaken by FIOSA-MIOSA in 2014.

Through a new strategy of sustained engagement, FIOSA-MIOSA was able to reach out and engage with more members than ever before.

“As a result of our the many new initiatives on which we embarked in 2014 we building new relationships at a faster pace than ever before,” she said.

Four new directors were elected to the board:

  • Chris Baby
  • Jane Willliams
  • Julie Woodward
  • Kevin Thorburn.

Five directors were re-elected:

  • Doug Carter
  • Wes Martin
  • Jim Pushor
  • Brad Vandelinde
  • Dan Reader.

Daneen Skilling, Mike Dick and Carman Overholt all have another one-year term on the board.

The directors were elected unanimously before the Board and CEO report and a review of audited financial statements.

A short video was shown outlining the many accomplishments of the not-for-profit organization during the last year. Director of Research, Programs and Development, Manobhiram Nellutla, pointed out in the video that the number of companies registered in the OSSE Journey has risen from 26 in 2013 to 56 in 2014.

Board members and committee were recognized including:

  • Executive Committee
  • Financial Audit Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • BC Safety Charter CEO Steering Committee