Prevention Strategies: Resources addressing warehouse & transport related hazards

by Gladys Johnsen – Established in 2014, the Transportation Initiative Committee (TIC) was given a three year mandate by the Board of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance) to develop prevention strategies for injury and loss specific to loading docks, material handling tasks, motor vehicle incidents and musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs).

TIC developed world-class, sustainable health and safety tools and resources based on the best evidence available.

Lisa McGuire, the Alliance CEO says,

These solutions are the result of TIC members combining their corporate health and safety experience with best practices from around the world. By integrating these with their current programs, Alliance Members will be well prepared to meet future worksite or Regulatory changes.

Through the Online Learning Centre, Members can access the Hazard Identification Toolkit which assists with the establishment of standard operating procedures on loading docks; a Five-Step MSI reduction plan specific to warehousing and material handling operations; and, for the first time, a template to address grey fleet risks.

A Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) initiative was included in the TIC’s original mandate but has been deferred due to lack of available studies. Along with WBV, strategies to support industry around warehouse racking will also be examined in the next three years.

MSI Prevention Guidebook:

Hazard ID Tool Kit Screencast:

Grey Fleet Program Model: