Confined Space Entry & Monitoring Training

Does your work ever require employees to enter a confined space such as a silo, vat or hopper; sewer, pipe, or access shaft; storage bin, digester, vault, manure pit, manhole, or tank? 

Confined spaces in the workplace can pose potentially catastrophic risk of injury and death. The hazards inside a confined space can result in a sudden fire or explosion, or potentially cause asphyxiation or drowning. 

Course Description

This course provides the tools to identify hazards in a confined space, control the risks, and key considerations in preparing for the potential risks involved in rescuing a trapped victim. 

Course Length

This is a one-day, instructor-led course using a combination of lecture and practical learning. A self-paced, online general awareness course and comprehensive confined space assessment services are  also available. 

Target Audience

This course is designed for employees, managers, and supervisors of small to large employers in BC. Although targeted to manufacturers, the course is applicable to any industry where confined spaces exist in the workplace. 


Previous health and safety education or experience is an asset but not required. 

Course Objectives

  • In this full-day course, you will learn: 
    • The typical hazards in confined space 
    • The controls, equipment, and PPE required to control confined space hazards 
    • The permits required to enter a confined space, and the steps required to protect and monitor someone working in a confined space 
    • The critical steps required to rescue victim trapped in a confined space, or in a space only accessible through confined spaces 

Course Topics

Safety Introduction, Typical Hazards, Controls and PPE, Confined Space Permits, Monitoring Someone Working in a Confined Space, Principles and Critical Steps in a Confined Space Rescue 

Assessment and Completion

On successful completion of course materials, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 

Open Learning Classes

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Instructor-Led Training

If you would like to arrange onsite instructor-led Confined Space training for your staff, please call us at 604.795.9595 or fill out the form below. One of our administrators will be glad to arrange an onsite instructor-led session for up to 15 people.

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