Industrial Ergonomics

Conducting Specific Task Ergonomics Needs Assessments

Course Description

Industrial Ergonomics: Conducting Specific Task Ergonomics Needs Assessments is a 1 day systems approach to assess and evaluate tasks for potential musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). It’s designed to teach managers, supervisors, and employees how to perform an ergonomic assessment, identify risks and create intervention strategies to reduce MSI occurrences. MSIs are one of the most common causes of workplace injury and account for a significant cost to employers.


This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals of ergonomics to managers, supervisors and employees.  


An external, contracted professional usually completes ergonomic assessments but due to increased demand, this program was created to show employers how to do their own ergonomic assessments.  

  1. Understanding of the ergonomic assessment tools  
  2. Identify risks and intervention strategies in order to reduce MSI occurrences. 
  3. The ability to complete ergonomic assessments and make subsequent recommendations, on specific tasks.  

Overview of ergonomics and fundamental principles, Overview, and practical use, of qualitative and quantitative, Ergonomics assessment tools, including but not limited to: Whole body screening and assessments, Upper limb assessments, Task/Activity Risk analysis, Lifting assessments, Analysis of ergonomic assessments and determining recommendations. 



Ergonomics 101: Fundamentals  

Onsite 1 day

Industrial Ergonomics: Conducting Specific Task Ergonomics Needs Assessments

Instructor-Led Training

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