Small Employer Program Building Webinar Series

Our goal is to assist manufacturing sector small employers like you in developing a health and safety management system.

We recognize that for many small employers, the time and scheduling commitments to have one of our Safety Advisors visit your premises might not be ideal. With this in mind we have developed this webinar series. We are giving you the tools and flexibility to get to COR certification with our guidance but in a form to fit your business. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is here to help you on your journey of building a health and safety management system, reduce workplace accidents, and to help you reduce your WorkSafeBC insurance premiums.

Introduction and Policy

It is expected that all people will respect their fellow classmates and login promptly on time for each webinar. A student will receive the most benefit from this program if they review their information packages prior to the webinar. If a student misses a webinar then they will have to make an arrangement with the instructor to complete the material.

How it works

OSSE for small employers is broken down into the following ten elements which will be delivered via online webinars for your convenience:

  • Element A- Management/Owner Commitment
  • Element B- Hazard Identification and Control
  • Element C- Industry-Specific Control Programs*
  • Element D- Inspection of Workplace, Equipment, and Work Practices
  • Element E- Accident Investigation
  • Element F- Training and Instruction
  • Element G- Contractor Safety Management
  • Element H- Health and Safety Program Administration
  • Element I- Emergency Preparedness

We will be hosting the series on our online learning center where we will provide documents for download and where you will be able to engage with instructors through forums and by submitting questions.

How to Register

This program is free to all member companies of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC with under 20 full-time equivalent employees. You can easily register by adding this item to your shopping cart and creating yourself an account with our online learning centre.


If you would like more information on the program or how you can take advantage of the education provided please contact either:

Online Learning


If you are a member of our organization and have under 20 full-time equivalent employees you qualify for the Small Employer Program Building Webinar Series through our Online Learning Centre. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet with internet access.

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Webinar Series Schedule
The Small Employer Program Building Webinar Series resumes on July 19th, 2017.