Safety Advisor Corner: Top 3 Safety Tips for Spring 2016

In each issue of The OSSE Newsletter we share 3 tips you can use to improve your health and safety program.

Tip #1: I caught you being good.
When a worker is observed doing something good, stop and tell them so. It’s so easy to notice something unsafe or wrong but all too often, the good stuff isn’t recognized enough, if at all.

Tip #2: Leadership should be seen as well as felt.
Supervisors, managers, executives should be seen regularly on the floor or in the warehouse engaging with workers. Asking a worker to show how to safely operate equipment as well as letting them brag a bit about their job goes a long way.

Tip 3: Monthly toolbox talks.
Conduct monthly toolbox talks with workers and management present – ensuring that both sides of a topic are represented. It is one thing for a supervisor to present a toolbox talk, but it can fall on deaf ears if they don’t perform that duty or lack any relate-able experience on the topic.