Safety Advisor Corner: Top 3 Safety Tips for Winter 2016

Safety Tips for Workplace Hazardous Products

Tip #1 – Inventory
Employers must identify and inventory all chemicals and potentially hazardous products or substances that are present in the workplace. Quantities of each should be noted as well as the storage locations. Centralized purchase of materials and designated storage locations for products will assist this process

Tip #2 – Reduction
Employers should look to reducing the number of hazardous products in the workplace. Standardize the purchase process rather than allowing purchase by individual departments or individuals. Where possible use a single brand or producer for required products. Identify products in the inventory that are no longer used or that are waste amounts and arrange for proper disposal

Tip #3 – Substitution
Identify chemicals, products and substances that are highly hazardous or toxic and look at the potential for replacing these with a similar product that is less hazardous or toxic. Research is required at this point to determine that the replacement product does not pose a greater risk than the original product