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Highest Priority Risk Areas

This is the thing we want to be top of mind for this industry.
Confined spaces are found in many manufacturing operations and create unique risks for workers.
Added April 21st, 2021
Pain and discomfort are clear signals when a worker has stayed in an uncomfortable or awkward position too long. If an uncomfortable or awkward position is required to do the job, workers are at risk of developing various musculoskeletal disorders (MSIs). Ergonomics is about designing systems or processes for people, wherever they interact with products. […]
Updated April 19th, 2021
Combustible dust is a fine material that, when mixed with air and in the right concentration, has the ability to catch fire and explode. Many materials are combustible including grains, flour, sugar cornstarch, wood and metals. Even materials that do not burn in larger pieces (such as aluminum or iron), given the proper conditions, can […]
Updated April 19th, 2021
If an operation involves tasks with a risk of falling from a height of 3 metres or more, then fall protection is required. If a fall of fewer than 3 metres where anything more than a flat surface impact could occur, then fall protection is also required. If the fall hazard is greater than 7.5 […]
Added April 19th, 2021