FIOSA-MIOSA Recognized In BC Legislature

Greg Kyllo, the Parliamentary Secretary to the BC Jobs Plan, rose in the BC Legislature on Monday, November 3, and spoke about FIOSA-MIOSA and the 2014 Make it Safe Manufacturing Conference in Burnaby.

Kyllo spoke at length about the good work of the people at FIOSA-MIOSA in helping the BC manufacturing industry establish safety standards and help reduce injury rates across the province.

BC Jobs Plan

The BC Jobs Plan was launched September of 2011 as a strategy to grow the economy and create job opportunities for British Columbians.

It was founded on three key pillars:

Expanding markets for B.C. products, particularly in Asia.
Strengthening our infrastructure to get our goods to market.
Working with employers and communities to enable job creation across B.C
The BC Jobs Plan works to ensure we have a competitive, diversified, export-oriented economy that is growing and adding jobs.

To accelerate economic growth, the Jobs Plan builds on the strengths of our most competitive sectors, our educated and skilled workforce, and the fiscal discipline in government.

One of the crucial elements of maintaining a competitive manufacturing sector which continues to employ an educated and skilled workforce, is maintaining the highest level of health, safety and well-being in our workplaces.

FIOSA-MIOSA, through its Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence (OSSE), provides one of the most effective OHS management systems which helps BC businesses maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world market.

Kyllo expressed his appreciation for the fact that FIOSA-MIOSA was hosting the two-day 2014 Make it Safe Manufacturing Safety Conference and urged his fellow members of the legislature to congratulate FIOSA-MIOSA for its hard work helping industry build healthier and safer workplaces.