At your service for a new decade

As we begin a new decade in health and safety, we open with a special edition that showcases the innovative programs and best practices of four award recipients from last year’s Safety Pinnacle Awards. These are the stories that inspire us to continue to adapt and elevate our programs and services to meet your evolving health and safety needs.

Manufacturers and food processors today face a changing trade environment, increasingly complex supply chain, and a range of dynamic opportunities, challenges, and unique risks as they embrace new technologies to automate and improve.

Operationally, that shifting external landscape is intersecting with continued staffing shortages and growing diversity—creating challenges in scheduling, training, retention, and capacity.

Out of all these internal and external pressures, the manufacturing sector is facing new health and safety risks that require timely solutions. At the Alliance, we recognize that our services need to serve your needs today while preparing to address emerging risks tomorrow. This is our service commitment to you.

With an eye to these prevalent and emerging risks in manufacturing, we will introduce several new programs in the coming weeks and months. Look for news in this issue about new training in machine safeguarding, safety programs for x-ray equipment used in quality assurance processes, and best practices in completing a Dust Hazard Analysis to address combustible dust risk in a  broad range of industries. In response to increasing claims due to stress, burnout, and fatigue, we will also be developing new programs and partnerships this year to support psychological safety and wellness at work.

As we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities in this new decade, adapting our programs and services to support the needs of our growing membership, our mandate remains constant. We are at your service, continuing to work alongside you to reduce the injury rate in the manufacturing sector—so your people go home safe and well at the end of every workday.

~ Lisa McGuire, CEO