The Ten Commandments Of Ergonomics

By Manu Nellutla. With the increased incidences in work-related musculoskeletal disorders across industry sectors, ergonomics has been identified as the best solution. A comprehensive ergonomics program requires participation from both the employer and the employee.

I present below a simple way of reminding employees how to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. I call it the ‘Ten Commandments of Ergonomics’. These principles can be printed and kept at the desk or work station of the employee as a reminder.

I. Thou shall take micro-breaks at work

II. Thou shall keep everything within easy reach at work

III. Thou shall move, exercise and stretch

IV. Thou shall not use excessive force

V. Thou shall avoid static postures

VI. Thou shall maintain a comfortable environment

VII. Thou shall not perform repetitive work without breaks

VIII. Thou shall minimize fatigue

IX. Thou shall maintain neutral postures

X. Thou shall not stare into the computer screen for a long time

Manu Nellutla is the Director- Research, Programs and Development at the FIOSA-MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC

To learn more about FIOSA-MIOSA’s STENA ergonmics program simply click here.