Uploading Innovation: Mobile warehouse technology ensures everyone goes home safe

by Gladys Johnsen – Wallace and Carey serves more than 6000 customers across Canada and has over 200 teammates operating in a 100,000 square-foot facility on Annacis Island.

In 2007, Wallace & Carey decided to augment its existing program with the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence (OSSE) certification under the guidance of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance).

Gordon Yee, Wallace & Carey’s safety officer explains “this decision gave us a plan which measured the program against BC legislation and addressed the types and sources of injury and created resources and audit tools to help us meet our health and safety targets.”

The company’s warehouse software WORCS (Warehouse Operations Real-time Control) system also emphasizes safety. It tracks the products sold with the push of a button, allowing managers to slot items according to volume.

This reduces the musculoskeletal injuries from the bending and reaching by placing slower sellers lower or higher and keeping the best-sellers within optimum picking range.

The system also has a history function allowing managers to determine responsibility for placing dangerous loads in the air, rendering operator accountability a reality. Wallace and Carey also utilizes GPS trackers on their entire fleet to track harsh cornering, or braking and emails the delivery manager if the driver is speeding. Such issues are addressed instantaneously, reducing speeding and the risk of accidents.

Gordon summarizes:

The best part of the certification process was the availability of the Alliance to help us identify our shortcomings, help create solutions then give us the tools to ensure that we kept to the plan. It means safety is top of mind and is taken into account for everything we do – so everyone goes home safe.