We All Share Responsibility For Preventing MSIs

By Lisa McGuire.  According to WorkSafeBC Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) account for almost 35 percent of all workplace injuries in BC. They are the most common type of work-related injury in the province.

With this in mind, FIOSA-MIOSA has hired an ergonomics specialist to provide the training and resources necessary to help our members begin to address this important issue.

More must be done. Employers, joint health and safety committees, health and safety supervisors and representatives  …  all must understand the risk of MSIs and take the actions required to alleviate the risk.

Often the simplest changes in workplace activities and tasks can not only reduce risks of MSIs but can make the manufacturing process easier.

WorkSafeBC provides a number of resources and tools from worksheets and Toolbox Meeting Guides to an entire publication devoted to some of the common risks associated with certain body movements and job tasks, and identifying ways of eliminating or minimizing those risks in a manufacturing setting.

The tools and resources are there to identify the risks, minimize or eliminate them and reduce one of the biggest causes of injury in BC workplaces.

As we have learned from so many similar issues which face us, the fight to reduce MSI’s must be led from the top. Leaders, owners and CEOs must be made to realize and understand the costs of inaction.

The answers are available. It is up to us as business leaders to take the initiative and implement the solutions.