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Welcome to the Make It Safe Speaker Portal. We are excited for you to join us online for this great event taking place online on October 26/27, 2023.

Below you will find important information pertaining to your speaking engagement at the conference. Please review each section as it will aid you with information on how to register, accessing the portal, and setting up your technical needs.


Speakers who will be attending Make It Safe - ONLINE do not need to register as we will do this for you. Once completed you'll receive a confirmation email with your log in details.

ONLINE: Your registration and log in details will be emailed to you to access MIS 2023 ONLINE. Please follow the prompts to access the virtual conference. Please note, this is not how you access your session, rather this is just to attend the conference. Your presentation will be hosted through ZOOM - not through the Make It Safe Virtual portal. To log into your session, please use the link in the Calendar invite which was sent to you. If you do not have a link, please email Anna at [email protected].


Your facilitator will share a Make It Safe-branded title slide at the beginning of your session, and then invite you to share your own slide deck when you present. Please ensure your presentation is set up in a 16:9 format.


If you are using a Power point deck for your session: please submit a copy of your presentation to our Communications Specialist: Jean Fong at least 7-days prior to the conference | by October 27th, 2023. This will allow us to have a copy of your presentation should there be any technical issues. Please use WeTransfer or a similar program to send it through.



Speakers will be accessing their speaking session VIA ZOOM! Your Zoom link will be emailed to you in a calendar invite. Please ensure you access your speaking session via that link as it's unique and specific to your session. Logging into the virtual platform directly will only allow you to have attendee permissions.

Please check-in 15-minutes prior to your session to ensure you have time to connect with the session facilitator and to complete a tech check.

MAKE IT SAFE 2023 onliNE access


There are two ways to log into the virtual conference (not your session which is hosted on Zoom:
1. Via the link in your confirmation email
2. Via our website which will have a link included to access the virtual platform

If you cannot find those two links, you can also access the portal through here: Make It Safe 2023 ONLINE


As we will be using Zoom to stream sessions, you are welcome to create Q&A and Polls to include in your presentation. The Chat feature will also be enabled so you can connect with attendees directly. Your facilitator will be on hand to help support you during the Q&A period, and with any additional tech support.


Each session will have a dedicated facilitator ready to support you during your session. They will be the 'host', running the session and ensuring things run on time, go live and finish at the correct times and to help with questions. They will arrive at each session 15-minutes prior to the start time to connect and review the settings before going live.
Facilitators will:
1. Introduce the session and the speaker
2. Provide tech support
3. Facilitate your Chat + Q&A


If you would like to invite a colleague or co-worker to attend your session, please visit the registration page to pick up a 'GUEST PASS'

1. Visit the Registration Page
2. Click on 'Speaker, Staff + Guest' - Password protected
3. Enter password: SPEAKER@2023MIS
4. Enter the information of your guest and click Next
5. Select the ticket: Guest Pass + enter the password: GUEST@2023MIS
6. Click 'Checkout' and your guest is registered for the online event
7. A confirmation email + link to access the portal will be sent to your guests email address

*(Guest passes are only valid for the Online Make It Safe program)


> Internet Connection - Plug your computer into your network and turn your Wi-Fi off. If a wired connection is not available, ensure that your wireless connection is strong and fast.

> Lighting and Setting - Make sure that your face is well lit. Windows are a great natural light source and should behind the camera facing you (windows should never ben behind you). If windows are not available, use a desk lamp or a floor lamp to illuminate your face. Be sure the lamp is behind the camera and in front of you. A simple, uncluttered background or a virtual background is preferable.

> Microphones - Use a high-quality external microphone or headset microphone. If these options are not available, earbud-style headphones with a built-in microphone or your computer microphone will suffice. Make sure that you are in a quiet room with minimal background noise.

> Camera placement - Raise your webcam to eye level; this will produce the most flattering image on the recording.

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