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A message from CEO Lisa McGuire

Globally, we are faced with the biggest health and safety crisis of the century.

It is testing our ability to adapt quickly or risk difficult and heart-wrenching consequences. Can we continue to do what we must to change and adapt our behaviors to minimize exposure and transmission?

The impact of our decisions rests on all our shoulders as Canadians: to be selfless and not selfish, for all of us. And to forever express our gratitude to our healthcare providers, essential service workers, and the manufacturers, food processors, and other essential businesses and workers who continue to support our needs through this unprecedented time. Read more…

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Call or email for support. If you have a safety advisor visit, training, or consulting appointment scheduled in the coming weeks, we will be in touch to discuss options for phone or video conferencing or to reschedule for a later date.

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Helping you Make It Safe

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is the health and safety association for manufacturers and food processors in British Columbia. We help to transform the safety culture of organizations by guiding the implementation of effective occupational health and safety management systems.

With an effective health and safety plan, training, and easy to follow safety processes, every business can reduce workplace injuries. We can help you develop and engage your team in a safety management system that protect workers, boosts productivity, and reduces your WorkSafeBC  insurance costs.

Begin the Journey

Work with a Safety Advisor

A safety needs assessment is a free onsite review of your health and safety system performed by one of our professional Safety Advisors. The needs assessment, or a more comprehensive GAP Analysis, identifies areas where your occupational health and safety management system may be improved to meet the Occupational Safety Standards of Excellence (OSSE) standard.

Get the OHS training you need.

Health & Safety Training

Training is an important component in supporting the skills and education required for your workers. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC can assist your business in developing an effective occupational health and safety management system through training in the classroom and/or online. We offer a variety of courses that range from how to develop your own Joint Health and Safety Committee to Principles of OHS Management, Incident Investigation and Hazard Identification.

Build your OHS program with these tools.

Helpful OHS Resources

We have a series of free resources in a printable format to help you build your health and safety management system. The resources are divided into four groups: Helpful Resources and Templates, Program Models, Quick Reference Cards and Safety Culture.

Work towards certification.

OSSE Certification: COR for Manufacturing

OSSE is BC’s solution for manufacturers seeking a comprehensive health and safety management system. Using a ‘best practices’ approach, in cooperation with WorkSafeBC, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is proud to offer significant financial rewards for successful completion of the OSSE Journey.

The program promotes equally the concept of managing health and safety with other components necessary for a successful business such as profitability and productivity.

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COVID-19 updates for manufacturers

As we continue to consult with WorkSafeBC and review the ongoing situation in British Columbia, we remain focused on protecting the health and safety of our manufacturing members and our staff.