Accessibility and Inclusive Design: Human Factors and Ergonomics in Accessible Work
Oct 27, 2022
12:45 - 13:30 PM PDT
Session Format
Expert Session

The concept of accessible design has evolved around the belief that regular life activities should be easy and comfortable for everyone—including people with disabilities. This concept also applies to the design of workspaces to support a diverse workforce.

As adults are working longer and employers consider how to expand their recruiting reach, expectations for safe, accessible, and equitable work and environments are increasing. Enforcement of federal accessibility legislations in many countries including Canada has also been instrumental in advancing the rights of people whose disabilities are a barrier to entry.

Ergonomics and human factors (HFE or E/HF) practitioners play a significant role in ensuring that accessibility is considered in workplace design. HFE practitioners evaluate engineering designs for human use, including considerations for people with diverse disabilities.

  • Learn about Canadian and B.C. regulation changes around accessibility
  • Understand why HFE is important to designing accessible and inclusive solutions for the workplace—and the costs you may face if you skip this critical step
  • Discover what this means in the design of your facilities
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