Artificial Intelligence System Design and its Applications in Risk Identification
Oct 26, 2023
14:15 - 15:00 PM PDT
Session Format
Expert Session

Since the start of the 21st century there has been an increased focus and interest in artificial intelligence (AI), and over the last decade advances in AI have grown exponentially. Today, AI can process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, identify potential risks, and even predict human behaviours—but how can these advancements in AI support improved health and safety?

In this session, we explore the challenges and advantages of using AI tools in health and safety within facilities. We will also look at how health and safety regulators and prevention agencies in Canada are leveraging AI to identify emerging health and safety risk areas to help target and reduce risks at worksites.

Find out:

  • How WorkSafeBC is using AI for new risk signals that could provide insight into the risk environment
  • The value and ethics around the use of artificial intelligence to augment a facility’s health and safety program
  • How a human lens and creativity applied to AI data models helps to provide context and recognize opportunities
  • Why AI system development is more than computer coding and requires a team-based approach

Don’t miss this insight into emerging risk areas and new tools for our planning and preparedness toolkits.

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