INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PANEL: World-Class Health, Safety, and Performance
Leadership Insights on Sustainable Strategies
Oct 27, 2023
09:00 - 09:45 AM PDT
Session Format

What key lessons are we learning around the world in the pursuit of world-class health, safety, and performance at work?

Join us for an illuminating exploration into efforts around the world to make workplaces healthier, safer, and higher performing.

  • Get fresh perspectives on innovative methods and solutions global leaders are using to raise health and safety benchmarks and propel sustainable performance.
  • Consider the impact of safety culture, collaboration, continuous improvement and Global Zero initiatives.
  • From progressive legislation to enforcement, pioneering well-being initiatives, and new technology, discover the key challenges and opportunities facing future-focused businesses around the world—and hear their success stories.

Amid economic challenges and ongoing change, we recognize the need for resilient systems and strategies. Take away insights from this expert panel on future-proofing your organization with robust contingency plans, innovative technology, and a thriving culture. Tune in to draw inspiration from around the world to design a safe, healthy, and sustainable future for your organization.

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International Social Security Association (ISSA) | Machine and System Safety Section
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