Leaning into Lean: Improving Safety, Productivity, (and…Happiness?) through 5S
Sponsored by Western Canada's Manufacturing and Export Enhancement Cluster
Oct 13, 2023
14:45 - 15:45 PM PDT
Session Format
Expert Session

Unlock the potential of Lean’s 5S methodology to improve your company’s safety performance. A program that makes a business safer, happier AND more productive. How can that be? Discover why companies the world over are implementing 5S. It’s inexpensive and yields improvements that delight frontline workers, office staff, senior leadership—and even shareholders.

In this session with a Lean Black Belt instructor:

  • Discover practical ways to leverage your company’s commitment to process improvement to gain buy-in
  • Find out how your organization can use 5S to improve safety, productivity, and mental health.
  • Gain practical insights into what 5S is, how it works and how you can implement it at your workplace to achieve world-class results.

Featured Speakers

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & Process Improvement Guru
Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) Cluster
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