Managing safety and performance in a hybrid work environment
Oct 28, 2021
08:30 - 09:30 AM PDT
Session Format
Expert Session

While production typically requires work onsite, with 81% of workers wanting to stay remote or move to a hybrid work schedule (Harvard Business School survey), many employers are offering the flexibility of a hybrid approach for office positions.

This new and variable work environment requires a different approach to managing health, safety, and performance. Employer legal obligations for workplace health and safety apply equally in office, production, and remote work environments. And psychological safety in a hybrid work arrangement takes building trust with employees so that they feel safe sharing information about their home and family life that may impact work schedule and productivity.

In this session, learn new strategies to recognize and manage a new mix of office, plant, and home office-based hazards. Explore practical approaches to communications and management to build an engaged and high-performing culture with your distributed team.

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