Beyond Incident Counts: Meaningful Ways to Measure Health and Safety Culture and Effectiveness
Oct 27, 2023
12:45 - 13:30 PM PDT
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Incident and lost-time metrics top the KPIs most organizations track to evaluate their health and safety performance. But how much do those numbers really tell you about your workplace culture, employee buy-in and engagement with your vision? What do they tell you about the sustainability of your safety programs and well-being initiatives?

Learn from this expert panel:

  • Proven strategies for measuring and evaluating safety performance and culture.
  • Why the health and safety culture you want has to begin with your vision and start with your actions.
  • Changes to consider in your top-level KPIs that will help drive the results you seek.
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Associate Professor, University of Regina; Visiting Professor, UBC
Owner, Centre West Consulting
Health and Safety Thought Leader
Manager, Health & Safety
Factors Group of Companies
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