Preventing MSIs with Participatory Ergonomics – Part 2
Oct 30, 2020
14:30 - 16:30 PM PDT
Session Format
Expert Session

Part 2 of a two-part seminar.

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are among the leading causes of lost time and productivity for businesses—and persistent and sometimes debilitating pain for workers. Prevention starts with thoughtful design (or redesign) of workspaces and processes.

Participatory ergonomics actively involves workers and other stakeholders in this process to improve productivity and reduce risks to safety and health. Effectively implemented Participatory Ergonomics programs are not only associated with positive health outcomes, but also result in measurable reductions in MSI-related symptoms and injuries, workers’ compensation claims, and lost days.

This interactive workshop introduces practical strategies for involving workers in identifying issues and designing solutions. In this "hands-on" virtual workshop:

  • Understand what a participatory ergonomics program entails and how effective it can be to control MSIs.
  • Recognize the value in an evidence-based approach for implementing such program.
  • Learn the key considerations in building a PE program

This workshop is appropriate for managers, supervisors, safety committee members, senior leaders, strategists, and worker representatives.

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