Braden Smit CRSP
Speaker Bio
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
Health and Safety Manager

Braden has worked in health and safety with West Coast Reduction for five years. With a background in agribusiness and economics, he recently earned his CRSP designation.  Braden currently leads a team of safety professionals with a goal of building a safety program that is OSSE and COR compliant. Achieving this goal requires Braden and his team to raise the safety culture at their workplaces and develop a safety program that is built to last. Braden has spent a good portion of his safety career experimenting with program implementation and has, for better or worse, learned what sticks and what doesn’t—and is excited to share his experiences.


Discover innovative approaches to building a sustainability roadmap for your business that prioritizes the long-term well-being of your people as well as the planet.  In this thought-provoking look at workplace health, safety culture, and sustainability:  Explore the impact of fostering a strong safety culture on achieving sustainable outcomes.   Discover practical strategies to cultivate a culture […]
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