Catherine Roome
Speaker Bio
Pulse Technologies
Vancouver, BC

Catherine led a large risk oversight organization for more than 10 years, preventing technical equipment from failing in order to safeguard the public. She currently co-leads a health-tech startup based in Vancouver, inspired by a desire for global health equity.  She started this company with her daughter who is a biomedical engineer now training to be a physician. Catherine sits on Boards related to energy, finance, engineering, and research.

Catherine launched a podcast this year titled "Risk is the New Kale," to highlight key individuals who clearly understand risk from a personal perspective, and have used it to create opportunity in their lives. This seminal trait – the ability to separate risk from opportunity - strikes Catherine as one of the most misunderstood but essential factors of next-level success.

As a leader in the algorithmic economy where predictive insights are used to create long-term social and financial value, Catherine’s purpose is to deliver game changing strategies that employ technological innovation to serve the public interest. She finds inspiration in building a modern, diverse people practice, and is deeply committed to supporting the next generation of leaders.


In this government and industry panel, learn more about provincial plans and programs to support future-skilling—and strategies B.C. businesses are employing to build teams with the knowledge and skills to adapt to technology changes and new market pressures. 
To attract and develop a winning team in today’s economy and work environment, a healthy, safe, and thriving culture is critical—and increasingly challenging to build and foster. Supply and labour pressures, technology changes, and new stresses on an already-stretched workforce are forcing many to rethink their approach to leadership—and the essential skills they need to lead.  
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