Emily Lord
Speaker Bio
HR West
Senior HR Consultant

Emily brings over 22 years of comprehensive HR experience working with stakeholders across all levels of organizations to help introduce HR best principles and, in turn, elevate organizational success. Emily has worked within a multitude of industries from manufacturing and utilities to not-for-profits, finance and insurance. She is skilled at bringing an adaptable and creative lens to her work that helps organizations position their people practices for their future vision and direction. Catapulted into today’s hybrid work world, Emily leverages her learnings and professional experience to support leaders to build adaptive working models and continuous listening strategies that drive engagement.


Find out what’s driving the Great Resignation—and how you can turn it around. Hear what industry leaders are doing to attract and retain skilled employees.  Find out how investments in safety culture are driving employee engagement and loyalty.  Learn about new compensation strategies to address the top reason workers are jumping ship.  See how other […]
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