Francois Barton
Speaker Bio
Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum
Wellington, NZ
Executive Director

Francois is the Executive Director of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum. Before joining the Forum in May 2015, Francois was with the health and safety regulator for almost 10 years. During that time, he established WorkSafe’s national programme team, including significant interventions in construction, forestry and agriculture. Francois has spent his career working with industry to effect change by reframing and redefining complex challenges. He is a current board member of CHASNZ and Safer Farms. He is a much sought-after conference speaker who brings a fresh perspective to health and safety.


While there are certainly skills we can teach and learn that help us cope with stress, sustainable resilience in the workplace requires a more radical approach to fixing the problems in our work environments that are impacting our employees’ health, safety, and well-being.In this session, we look at: New strategies to work with our people […]
In this expert session, find out why employee wellbeing is less about health and wellness benefits and more about thoughtful design of the work itself. Hear about the steps businesses investing in this area are taking to support employee wellness and prioritize meaningful and well-designed work to build thriving teams. 
In the face of a global pandemic, workplace health and safety became top priority as employers worked to keep their doors open and the virus out. As we look forward to emerging in a post-pandemic world, what lessons will we take to manage health and safety for the future of work? In this session, explore […]
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