Imelda Rivera
Speaker Bio
CKF Inc.
Langley, BC
OHS Manager

Imelda Rivera has been OHS Manager at CKF Inc. since 2017. Before joining CKF, she worked in the same role at YVR and at a construction company.

Imelda started her career in health and safety working for distribution warehouse in 2007. A new worker then, she was invited to become a member of the company's JOHSC. Her interest in health and safety grew from there, inspiring her to pursue it as a career. As a JOHSC worker member herself, Imelda believes that the safety committee serves as the bridge that directly connects workers and the organization to build a stronger culture of safety. Workers are more engaged when their voices are heard and they have the opportunity to make decisions or provide recommendations on matters regarding their working conditions. They also share different perspectives on hazards and safety to help the employer in achieving safety goals.


What are the most effective safety committees doing differently to strengthen their companies’ health and safety cultures and keep employees healthy and safe? Share ideas and learn from the experience of the 2020 2021, and 2022 JHSC Excellence Award winners. 
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