John Dony
Speaker Bio
National Safety Council
Vice President, Workplace Strategy

John Dony is vice president of workplace strategy at the National Safety Council in the USA. John sets vision and strategy, develops leading-edge research, and oversees event, partnership and outreach initiatives. He works closely with EHS, sustainability and operations executives, researchers and thought leaders from more than 40 member organizations and partners to share best practices from around the world.

Since joining the National Safety Council in 2007, John has led projects with and engaged a wide range of EHS stakeholders, including industry, academia, research and government entities, to bring innovation and best practices to the workplace. These include the prestigious Robert W. Campbell Award and, most recently, the NSC Work to Zero initiative aimed at eliminating death in the workplace through technology.

John is a frequent speaker at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia on topics including EHS trends, technology, management systems, leading indicators and wellbeing. He has written and contributed to numerous research papers and books, most recently serving as co-editor of Journey to Vision Zero, simultaneously published in Germany and the United States.

Prior to joining the Council, John held quality management, project management and coalition-building positions in the communication and education fields. He holds bachelor degrees in English and sociology from Northwestern University.


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