Nancy Pech
Speaker Bio
Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Nancy Pech is the Occupational Health and Safety Manager for  Hansen Industries, a custom machine, stamping, and cutting shop in Richmond, British Columbia. For more than five years, she has been involved in joint health and safety committees as a leader or member. Nancy has a NHSA designation and is completing her OHS Certificate. She has extensive experience as an internal auditor and is passionate about continuous learning and fostering a culture of safety. With a background in warehousing and construction, Nancy made the transition to manufacturing this year. She has made a personal commitment to honing her interpersonal skills, recognizing that safety hinges on effective communication and mutual comprehension.


In this highly anticipated panel discussion, learn from highly effective joint health and safety committees. Get ready for an engaging session as our experienced panelists share their experiences in team building, procedures, and building influence with management to make change happen in their workplaces. Bring your questions for the panel and come away with insightful […]
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