Dr. Ryan Heartfield PhD
Speaker Bio
CTO/Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Dr. Ryan Heartfield has over a decade of experience in leading cybersecurity innovation across a range of industries in both the private and public sector, as well as academia. Head of Cybersecurity Research at Cyberlens, a start-up specializing in cybersecurity for smart manufacturing, Ryan is focused on developing an accessible cybersecurity pathway to Industry 4.0 for manufacturing companies undergoing digital transformation. He is also a Research Fellow at the University of Greenwich where he has published more than 15 articles in leading cybersecurity journals focusing on AI-driven intrusion detection and human factors cybersecurity. Ryan has previously held positions as a senior security architect for Splunk and UK Government, where he was responsible for leading the design, development, and delivery of mission critical security detection and response capabilities. He holds a PhD in Cybersecurity from the University of Greenwich.


As industry looks to automation to solve business challenges, digital transformation is increasing connectivity between computer systems, physical machines, and the Internet. With the gains in safety and productivity, however, comes increased cybersecurity risk.  In this session for business owners, leaders, and safety professionals:  Learn the difference between cyber-threats and cyber-faults and their impact on the […]
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