Shannon Peel
Speaker Bio
Vancouver, BC

Shannon Peel is the creative force behind the MarketAPeel Brand, working from her office overlooking life in Downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. People describe her as intelligent, quick witted, and creative, which she takes pride in because she values intelligent thought and solution based productivity. As a novelist, she learned how to see situations from different points of view. Her role as a podcast host hones her listening skills as she asks questions to dive deeper into the stories being told. At MarketAPeel, she helps professionals and businesses define what they want to be known for and guides them as they create content to tell their stories to the marketplace. At the core of what she does is the belief that storytelling is a vital component to building the connections we need for our mental health, our productivity, and our relationships.


As humans, we lean into stories and away from lectures, which is why leaders who use storytelling get more buy in and increased productivity. In this talk, Shannon Peel explains how to use story to connect with your team, train them to do better, and inspire them to step up. This talk is for leaders […]
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