Climate and Disaster Planning: Emergency Management Strategy
Oct 28, 2022
10:00 - 10:45 AM PDT
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Expert Session

The extreme weather flooding event that happened in November of 2021 caused extreme hardship for residents and businesses in the Pacific Northwest—affecting many communities through the immediate impact of the flooding and the short- and long-term disruption of the transportation corridors connecting Vancouver to the rest of the province and country—and ultimately costing billions in damage control and ongoing rebuilding.

In the media, the City of Abbotsford was at the heart of much of the story at the time. In this session, Abbotsford Fire Rescue leaders address the challenges the city and department faced throughout—and positive takeaways in what they executed well as a team. What are the key takeaways for organizations as we plan for the increased potential of fires, floods, and other climate-related disasters?

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Deputy Chief of Community Safety
Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service
Vice President
IAFF Local 2864
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